TA Project 
  • Introduction of a JPA into a new component of the application.

  • New component added to relocate funds between two Transfer Agents.

  • Redesign of the code to export all the common architectural components to split the application into different modules to be deployed independently .

Regulatory Project 
  • Various projects in connection with the Mifid, Mifir, Basel, Priips and Kiid regulations.

  • Scalable maintenance of written applications.

  • Windev for the front part, and in PL-SQL for the back part.

Life Insurance Project
  • Graphic redesign, creation and implementation of new modules in a right management project (angular, angular material, scss ...).

  • Creation from scratch of a webservice allowing to know the legal and specific French, Luxembourgish and Belgian holidays (Scala, play, Json api).

  • Creation of a webservice to manage the claims related files (Scala, play, Json, Mongo).

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